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The Wine Guardian® ductless split wine-cellar cooling unit is an entirely new, cutting edge system. It’s versatile enough for either surface mounting or space-saving through-the-wall mounting, while providing the flexibility of a split system. The Ductless Split Systems Wine Guardian unit is ideal for small wine cellar owners who have no room for mechanical equipment or are unable to accommodate ductwork. The Wine Guardian Ductless split offers high ambient and optional low ambient protection in a sleek, newly styled condensing unit. The condensing unit provides a smaller footprint with the ability to mount to a variety of structures.


• Commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant construction for long-term durability
• Fan-coil can be mounted through-the-wall or
surface mount— exclusive to this unit
• Condensing unit operating capacities from 0°F/-18°C to 115°F/46°C with standard low ambient protection
•Condensing unit standard with outdoor enclosure
• Small footprint— fan coil fits well within racking or above a doorway
•Quiet and efficient operation
•Adjustable louvers


•Available electric heater
•Standalone humidifier
•Remote monitoring and sensing
•Xtreme low ambient protection for applications with exposure to negative temperatures (down to-20°F/-29°C)
•Serving temperature cooling

Model Cooling Capacity* Weight A B C Electrical
SS018 (60Hz) 2,800 BTU/H 25 lbs. 15.875” 14.25” 13.00” 115v / 1ph / 60Hz
Condensing Unit N/A 57 lbs. 25.125” 34.00” 9.00” 208 - 230V / 1ph / 60Hz
WGS025 (50Hz) 760 Watts 11.3 kg 40.3 cm 36.2 cm 33 cm 220 - 240 / single-phase / 50Hz
Condensing Unit N/A 26 kg 63.8 cm 86.4 cm 22.9 cm 220 - 240V / 1ph / 50Hz

*Net cooling capacity at entering temperature and humidity conditions of 57°F/14°C and 55% RH at rated airflow and 80°F/27°C condenser inlet air. Reduce capacity by 3% for each 10% reduction in evaporator airflow. Many variables affect proper unit sizing, including type of construction, insulation values, amount of glass, residential vs. commercial applications, etc. Proper unit size should only be determined by using the Wine Guardian cooling calculator. Check with your Wine Guardian authorized distributor for more information. Not all systems may offer all the features described above. For instance, humidity can only be controlled if the unit is equipped with a humidifier. Wine Guardian systems are made in the USA. Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to this document, without prior notice, at its sole discretion.


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