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Wine is your Passion. Preserving it is ours.

Split system wine cooling units provide the ultimate flexibility in how the air is distributed to and from your wine cellar. There are two pieces to the system, an evaporator or air handler and a condensing unit. These two pieces are connected by a liquid line and an insulated suction line.

The condenser unit contains the compressor, condenser, fans and controls for the refrigeration side. For a split system wine cooling the condenser is usually placed outside the wine cellar although it may be located inside. The condenser can be up to 100 feet away from the evaporator. This is ideal as the condenser is noisier than the evaporator and is exhausting the warm air from the wine cellar.

The evaporator unit can be situated outside of the wine cellar, such as a mechanical room, or storage room. The supply of cool air is then ducted, for a maximum distance of 25 feet, to the wine cellar (ideally to the top of the cellar) and the return of warm air is ducted outside or to another location (ideally from the bottom of the cellar). Placing the cooling unit outside the cellar results in a quiet cellar with no obtrusive equipment taking up valuable rack space.

You can also place the evaporator on a shelf, platform or above the ceiling. Just ensure the evaporator is as level as possible and has a dedicated power supply.

Split system wine cooling units offer a variety of options. The evaporators can be configured with a factory installed heater, integrated humidifier or configured with serving temperature (allows you to set and adjust serving temperature from 42° – 64°F (5° – 18°C). The condenser comes standard in a low-ambient (cold weather) version, to  0 degrees F.  There is an Xtreme low ambient option for climates that fall below 0 degrees F up to -20 degrees F..

These units come in different sizesDucted Split System Wine Guardian Sample Configuration depending on your wine cellar size, insulation and geographical and physical location. Ideal climate control for wine cellars in homes, restaurants or commercial wine cellars.

Sample configuration of a ducted split system wine cooling unit.

Versatile enough for use in any wine cellar…

• The Ducted Split Systems Wine Guardian is our most versatile unit with multiple capacities for cellars of any size and configuration
• Multiple supply air openings for installation flexibility (5 sides, including bottom option)
• High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork

Ducted split system with optional, integrated humidifier

Wine Guardian Evaporator (L) and condensing unit (R) (DS025, Ds050, DS088, WGS40,WGS75, WGS100 only)

Removable cover panel for easy access

DS025, DS050, DS088, WGS40, WGS75, WGS100 Condensing unit with easy-access cover


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