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Wine is your passion. Preserving it is ours.

Self Contained Wine Guardian® ducted wine cellar cooling units are the quietest, most versatile cooling systems on the market. They provide optimal temperature and humidity control for both commercial and residential cellars with a design that allows for easy installation. Our units combine optimal control with the most energy efficiency in the industry.

With Wine Guardian ducted systems you create the perfect environment for preserving your fine wine— even though the system is hidden from view.

Versatile enough for use in any wine cellar…

• Multiple capacities for cellars of any size and configuration
• Removable control panel for easy access
• Multiple supply-air openings for installation flexibility
• High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork
• Space-saving vertical configuration (D050 & D088 only)

Sophisticated enough for use in your cellar.

• Creates virtually no noise in cellar
• Lightweight, corrosion resistant, all aluminum outer body
• Remote user interface control system
• Most energy-efficient unit on the market

Beneits of external ducting

• Unit is located outside the wine cellar
• Quiet with virtually no vibration in the cellar
• Better air distribution and temperature control than through-the-wall or ductless split systems
• Flexibility in location and cellar design
• Easier to service
• No visible mechanical equipment in the wine cellar


• Water-cooled systems
• Low and high ambient protection
• Drip pad humiditier and humidistat (Freestanding or integrated)
• Integral electric heat
• Duct kits and grilles
• Condensate pump
• Remote monitoring and sensing
• Factory-configured serving temperature option

Benefits of Vertical Configuration

The vertically configured footprint allows for the installation in a smaller area and for maximizing mechanical room space. The vertical configuration is available on the 1/2-ton D050 unit and the 1-ton D088 unit in both air-cooled and water-cooled models.

60 Hz System Specifications

Model Capacity* Length Width Height Electrical Weight
DS025 3,760 BTU/H 33” 14” 14” 115v / 1ph / 60Hz 80 lbs.<
DS050 6,320 BTU/h 23” 14” 14” 115v / 1ph / 60Hz 125 lbs.
D050-V 6,320 BTU/H 22” 22” 29” 115v / 1ph / 60Hz 150 lbs
D088 9,600 BTU/H 33” 22” 14” 230v / 1ph / 60Hz 130 lbs.
D088-V 9,600 BTU/H 22” 22” 29” 230v / 1ph / 60Hz 175 lbs.
D200 15,680 BTU/H 50” 22” 18” 230v / 1ph / 60Hz 200 lbs.

50 Hz System Specifications

Model Capacity* Length Width Height Electrical Weight
WG40 880 Watts 83.8 cm 35.6 cm 35.6 cm 220 - 240v / single-phase / 50Hz 36 kg.
WG75 1,570 Watts 83.8 cm 55.9 cm 35.6 cm 220 - 240v / single-phase / 50Hz 56 kg.
WG100 2,290 Watts 83.8 cm 55.9 cm 35.6 cm 220 - 240v / single-phase / 50Hz 59 kg.
WG175 3,812 Watts 127 cm 55.9 cm 45.7 cm 220 - 240v / single-phase / 50Hz 91 kg.

*Net cooling capacity at entering temperature and humidity conditions of 57°F/14°C and 55% RH at rated airflow and 80°F/27°C condenser inlet air. Reduce capacity by 3% for each 10% reduction in evaporator airflow. Sizing note: Many variables affect proper unit sizing, including type of construction, insulation values, amount of glass, residential vs. commercial applications, etc. Proper unit size should only be determined by performing a heat load calculation. While the Wine cellar cooling unit calculator is a good guideline, be sure to perform an in-depth heat load calculation and do not size purely on cubic feet. Check with your Wine Guardian authorized distributor for more information. Not all systems may offer all the features described above. For instance, humidity can only be controlled if the unit is equipped with a humidiier. Self contained Wine Guardian systems are made in the USA. Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to this document, without prior notice, at its sole discretion.

Ducted wine cellar cooling system with optional, integrated humidifier installed

Control-Side View

Vertical ducted unit

Remote user interface control system
displays temperature in °F or °C


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