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Through The Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Systems by WhisperKool

Through-the-Wall wine cellar cooling units are the simplest and least expensive wine cooling system.  Through-the-Wall cooling units come in one piece and mount on the wall.  The key here is the exhaust.  The hot air needs to vent into an interior room that is the same size as your wine cellar and not exceed 85 degrees F.  Ideal adjoining rooms for the exhaust heat and noise are furnace rooms, mechanical rooms, or unfinished rooms in a basement. 

WhisperKool offers 4 distinct through-the-wall cooling systems. These are:

  • Slimline Series. These units are designed to be mounted into the often unused space between the cellar door and ceiling.
  • Self-Contained Series. This series offers a wide range of cooling capacities at an economical price.
  • Extreme ti. The Extreme Series is a high end Through-the-Wall system handling temperatures in hotter climates (up to 110 F) while tolerating cold climates. These units are applicable for limited spaces where ventilation is a problem.
  • Extreme TiR Series. This top of the line for Through-the-Wall cooling systems is perfect for installation into remote locations. This is an upgrade to the ti series as it uses the KDT Plus remote controller and thermostat (the thermostat can be mounted outside the cellar up to 50’). This series also can utilize a specially designed ducting kit that can be used on either side, condenser or evaporator.

Through the wall cooling systems from WhisperKool require a hole in one of the wine cellar walls. A sleeve can be used for easy mounting. The units can be mounted flush with the wine racks or flush with the wine cellar wall.
The use of the special duct plenums with the Extreme series allow for a hidden installation of the cooling unit and the supply and return of the air to be ducted into and out of the cellar.
To determine if a Through the wall cooling system is the right unit for your cellar – a heat load calculation needs to be done to ensure the BTU’s are a good fit. The larger the area you need to cool, the more BTU’s you need.

Key Features

  • Liquid-temperature-measuring Bottle Probe
  • Advanced digital controller
  • Dynamic airflow
  • Coated evaporator coil
  • Front or rear power
  • Single piece mounting bracket
  • Durable finish


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