Ductless HVAC Split-Systems have become so popular and they are projected for double-digit sales growth in the next decade1. A ductless split-system offers small equipment size, simple installation procedures, zoning capabilities, and clean air delivery.

Can this technology be used for wine cellars? Absolutely!

“There isn’t a day that goes by when we are not presented with a challenging configuration and a ductless split-system is the answer” says Fred Tregaskis, owner of Summit Wine Cellars, dba Summit Cool Cellars. It’s a perfect solution for small to medium sized wine rooms where a) there isn’t room for ductwork, or, b) no mechanical room for HVAC equipment.

Let’s take a look at the ductless split-systems for wine cellars offered by the two top manufacturers of climate control systems for wine cellars, Wine Guardian and WhisperKool.

Wine Guardian, a division of Air Innovations, has been making specialty climate control systems since 1986. Their ductless split-systems are comprised of surface mount or through-the-wall and ceiling mounted systems.

The WG SS018 Condensing unit has low-ambient protection down to 0 degrees F
• Outdoor enclosure to protect condensing unit from the outdoor elements
• Small footprint
• Quiet and efficient operation
• Adjustable louvers

Wine Guardian SS018 – surface or through-the-wall ductless split-system


There are several options available as well:
• Electric heater
• Standalone humidifier – powered by WG unit
• Remote monitoring and sensing
• Xtreme low ambient protection for outdoor climates to -20 degrees F
• Serving temperature cooling

The Wine Guardian Ceiling Mounted System is the ultimate configuration for a ductless split-system. Available in two sizes, the CS025 and CS050, these units are designed for recessed ceiling mounting and fit comfortably between standard joist construction with cooling capacity up to 4300 BTU.

Standard features are:
• Evaporator fits into recessed ceiling with a paintable grille
• Quiet Operation
• Easy to install and maintain
• Advanced condensate removal system
• Low ambient protection for condensing unit
• Wireless2Base controls

Wine Guardian CS025 or CS050 ductless, split-systems ceiling mount

Available options are:
• Electric heater
• Freestanding humidifier
• Xtreme low ambient protection
• Remote Sensors

WhisperKool has been making wine cellar climate control systems for about thirty years. WhisperKool offers a couple of different configurations for their ductless split-systems.

The Platinum Series comes in three different sizes – the 4000,8000 and the Mini Split. There is also a Platinum Split Twin that features two evaporators with one condenser that increases the capacity to 8500 BTU.

The Platinum Series cooling units have a wall-mounted evaporator with the condenser placed outside or in a separate interior room. Standard features are:

• Quiet and efficient operation
• Advanced electronic display
• Liquid bottle probe
• Alarm capabilities
• Cold weather start kit – optional
• Pump down system for longer compressor life
• Optional 24 V Thermostat Conversion Kit

wine cellar climate control

WhisperKool Platinum Series, ductless split-system

The Ceiling Mount Series comes in three different sizes – the 4000, 8000 and the Mini Ceiling Mount. There is also a Ceiling Mount Twin that features two evaporators with one condenser that increases the capacity to 8500 BTU.

Standard features are:

• Evaporator fits into recessed ceiling with a paintable grille
• Quiet Operation
• Includes a pump system to remove excess condensation
• Cold weather start kit – optional
• Optional 24 V Thermostat Conversion Kit

self contained wine cellar cooling system

WhisperKool Ceiling Mount ductless split-system

Ductless split-systems stand out for their versatility. Not having to install ductwork make this type of system a strong option for a wine cellars that are an addition to the home, or glass cellars/walls where the cooling system cannot be placed inside the cellar. These systems are easy to install by a single mechanic. For many applications, such as restaurants, the biggest advantage is the peace and quiet. The noisy part of a cooling unit, the condenser, is in another location.

HVAC contractors that have added ductless split-systems to their product line and service have a proven lucrative product offering. These systems are a great business opportunity with a positive impact to your bottom-line.

                                        About Summit Cool Cellars                                       

Summit Cool Cellars is a division of Summit Wine Cellars, LLC, (https://summit-cellars.com). Summit owner/designer Fred Tregaskis creates dramatic custom wine cellars for clients throughout the world. Summit has a dedicated manufacturing facility in Connecticut, where expert craftsmen fabricate all the components—in wood, metal, glass and other materials. Those bespoke components of each unique cellar are shipped to each location and assembled there by Summit Wine Cellars, before the final flourishes and finishing touches are added.

To learn more about Summit Wine Cellars, LLC and the wine cellar design process, contact Summit Wine Cellars by email at info@summit-cellars.com, or by phone at 203-916-1664. Make sure to see the Portfolio page for examples of Summit’s traditional and modern wine cellar design.

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